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The BID St Andrews Land Train at the West Sands terminus.

The St Andrews Land Train at the West Sands terminus.

The Localmotion land train is a unique first class tourist attraction, that turns heads as it glides through the streets of St Andrews at 10mph.

Up to 60 passengers at a time,  across three carriages, enjoy a guided tour with lively commentary from the friendly train guard, stopping at four key points in town.

For visitors to St Andrews a trip on the land train familiarises them to the town, making them feel at home.  Because of this it’s a ‘must do’ for visitors, but you’re always sure to find a local on board.

2018 is our longest season yet, running from April to early September, for a minimum of 130 days. The train will
run for the duration of the Easter Holidays, then at weekends & Bank Holidays until June (may also run
weekdays) and there will be 7 tours per day. During peak season we will operate 5 – 7 days, unless in the event
of unforeseen circumstances out with our control, such as adverse weather.

Almost 5000 visitors enjoyed a trip on the Land Train in 2017, and that number is set to grow this year. St Andrews welcomes an average of 666,300 visitors annually with 62% or 413,106, visiting between April &
September. Visitor numbers are expected to increase dramatically during the 2018 Carnoustie Golf Open from
the 15th to 22nd July, as St Andrews is likely to be high on the list of places to see, for those attending The Open.

Benefits of promoting your product, service or event on The Land Train:
▪ Reach a captive, and diverse audience of at least half a million people.
▪ Cost from less than £1.20 per day
▪ Often as visitors first point of contact, we can ‘signpost’ those visitors to shops, places to eat and drink and enjoy a
coffee or ice-cream. Advertising with us means you are the first to be promoted to passengers.
▪ Partners page on www.localmotionlandtrains.co.uk featuring your business and a link to your chosen URL.
▪ Opportunity to encourage passengers to visit and/or engage with your business by offering a discount/special
offer, that can be featured on a postcard given to passengers as they get on board (limited availability)
More reasons to get on board:
▪ 33% of visitors upload photos of their trip to the internet, many of which include pictures of the train.
▪ Since the most popular activity of 97% of visitors to St Andrews, is to walk around Town, it is highly likely that your
brand will be seen by at least 400,000 of those visitors.
▪ If you’re looking to promote your brand outside of St Andrews, you’ll be pleased to know that 46% of those
visitors come from Scotland.
▪ 18% of visitors to St Andrew seek out information on what to do via www.visitstandrews.com on which
LocalMotion will be featured.
▪ St Andrews hosts 3 well-attended annual events during September and April, bringing thousands of people to the
streets of the Town.
▪ The train attends a number of events in Scotland throughout the winter months, during which time the panels will
remain in place

Download this information here; Land Train Advertising Opportunity 2018


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