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“Euan was very good to work with and did all the hard work for us. His thorough knowledge of the rules and regulations for operating a ten-mile-an-hour vehicle made sure we got all the permissions we needed and were able to have the Land Train during the 2015 Open in St Andrews.”

Lindsey Adam, BID St Andrews board director and former BID St Andrews Steering Group member

If you are organising a large event where large numbers of people are needing to get around, the Land train offers a perfect solution.

The train can provide a welcome break to weary legs for people and transport large numbers around whilst they are still very much in the fresh air and feeling connected to the event, soaking up the atmosphere.

All our legal documentation & Insurances are available to view on request and we are happy to meet for an initial discussion about your unique event and how we can work together to enhance the offering to your visitors.

We have worked with a number of large organisations and catered for their varied needs.  Every situation and venue is different and that brings its own excitement and challenge upon which LocalMotion thrives.

The LocalMotion land train is transported to your event and comes complete with:

• A qualified driver

• A competent guard in the rear carriage

• All fuel

• Full risk assessment documents

• Ticket collector, if required.

• Signage

• Full insurance cover

We have three carriages; which can each carry 20 passengers, and they can be decorated, personalised or customised to suit your event.

If you are interested in working with us please get in touch.


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